Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gehenna Dnoora. Most educated skeptics of the Bible being totally God's Word and Truth usually refer to Gehenna Dnoora, the burning garbage dump being Jesus' reference point to Hell. They love to gloat how Gehenna Dnoora is now a wonderful place that does not burn and such. The idea of Christ dying on a cross is foolish in their eyes. They are right from their pov. Until they humble themselves before God they will never see their need for God. The Bible will be to them a fairy tale written by mentally unstable men. The question we all answer at one time or another is who do we say Jesus is to us? We weigh the evidence and we run from the truth when it does not add up to what we think it should. 2+2 equals four. However, 1 Christ plus 3 nails also equals 4 (given) too. Before you can believe in Christ and confess Him as Lord you have to acknowledge your need for Him. That's the toughest part. The 12 that died in the theater massacre thought not of taking their last breath there. We never do think that today could be our last. What if it is? Christ taught the way to Heaven, not a way, but the way. He said He was the way. I will not convince you that Jesus is the Christ. God will. Look to the Bible and you will see.