Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Faith, Belief, and One Question

     Religious observances completed in the eyes of the masses are sadly done at times to make us look good on Sunday in front of others the aforementioned masses who ironically are feeling the same way. Religion is a list of things one must accomplish to be right in the sight of their god or deity. Jesus of Nazareth however is the only One who claimed to be God. He is the One who proclaims, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life." He proclaimed, "It is finished" when he paid a sin debt that you and I owed with His life. The story does not end there. This Jesus, the son of Mary, this man who is God in human form defeated death by rising from its grasp providing a way  for us to return to God through the sacrificial death on that cross. Do not mock faith when historical records, secular science and even mathematical equations proclaim Jesus Christ's validity as God. Yet, despite all that, The Bible proclaims it. It all comes down to a question Christ asked: "Who do you say I am?"

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